COVID-19 & TA: Maintaining Business Continuity: Hiring & Onboarding
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The (COVID-19) pandemic leaves us, as talent acquisition professionals, with many questions. How do we adapt our hiring and onboarding processes to virtually create a positive and consistent hiring and onboarding process, as well as, maintain compliance (I9 & drug testing) in our process?

Panelists include:
Rick Rosario - Director Talent Acquisition, US and Canada at GE Healthcare
Amit Parmar - Global Vice President of Talent & HR at Unisys
Lori Murin (Moderator) - Senior Director of TA Affairs at TALK (Talent Acquisition Leadership Keynotes)

Connect with our Panelists:
Click to learn more about how Unisys protects and serves the most demanding businesses and governments around the world. You can also follow Amit Parmar or ask questions via his twitter handle @HRForLife and check out his latest Forbes publication on the future of workThe Human Connection in the Age of AI/Automation.

For the people at GE Healthcare, it’s more than a business, it’s a mission. Check out the life at GE Healthcare page to see how they make sure that Every Moment Matters. And to learn more about joining Rick and his team, see the GEHC career offerings here.

RecruitiFi is a platform that enables companies to manage all agency recruiters more efficiently, saving time, money and improving candidate quality.  RecruitiFi is used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies and over 20K agencies on a global basis. To learn more, schedule a time to chat with Lori.
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Thursday, Mar 26th, 2020
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