Recruiting for Healthcare: Unique, Challenging, Rewarding, and Not For the Faint of Heart
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Leading recruiting and talent acquisition efforts in any industry, means doing whatever is possible to attract and retain the best talent.  However, when focused on recruiting for healthcare talent, there are some unique elements to understand and consider.  Recruiters of healthcare talent face a challenging job market with widespread talent gaps and shortages.  They also need to consider how their talent looks for jobs and what that talent actually cares about.

Join Ann Miller of Memorial Hermann Health System and Tom Atkinson of the Hospital for Special Surgery as they discuss balancing the unique challenges and rewards of recruiting in the ever changing and growing industry of healthcare.

About the Panelists:

Ann Miller - VP, Talent Acquisition & Staffing - Memorial Hermann Health System
In addition to her current role, Ann has led the TA function for several top rated healthcare organizations to include a leading cancer center, as well a pediatrics system.  Memorial Hermann Health System  has 17 hospitals and almost 30K employees based in Houston, TX.  Outside of work Ann enjoys traveling, playing golf, and gardening. Ann is currently seeking a Director of TA. To view this job, please visit the Memorial Hermann careers page.

Tom Atkinson - Talent Acquisition Director - Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)
Tom has over 20 years in TA and has hired talent at three of the top academic medicine healthcare organizations.  HSS is the #1 orthopedic hospital in the nation for 11 consecutive years. (US News and World Report).  Outside of work, Tom is an avid runner and was a finisher of the 2019 NYC Marathon. To join Tom at the Hospital for Special Surgery, check out the HSS careers page.
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Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2020
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