Does AI Bias Exist?
As Talent Acquisition evolves to increasingly rely on technology that improves our efficiency, tackle our greatest challenges and improve the quality of the advice we provide, AI is becoming the most frequently sought after path to leverage.  We believe that talking about the unforeseen risks, preparing ourselves to adapt to the output and most importantly, educating ourselves to ensure that AI learns in-line with our expectations will be beneficial.  In short, how do we monitor, guide, question and share output of a technology that we are just scratching the surface with our understanding?

Angus Dobbie - Citi:
Angus is a Senior Corporate Recruiting executive with a 20+ year history in international banks and securities markets. His professional experience is supported by extensive academic training in Economics, Finance and International Relations, with a bachelors in economics from the University of Western Australia, and multiple masters degrees from the University of Technology Sydney and the University of New South Wales. In his current role, Angus manages the experienced hire Recruiting requirements of the Corporate Investment Bank & Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi. These businesses form part of the Institutional Clients Group (ICG), which deliver a comprehensive financial advisory and funding service to clients worldwide.

Rich Bianco - Citi:
Rich Bianco has 20 years of experience in TA.  Most recently, 8 of which has been with Citi, where he has led TA for many of our global front office businesses across Consumer and ICG.  Prior to Citi, Rich led TA for Cash, Trade and Securities Services (sales) for North and South America at JPM.  Rich also spent 9 years prior as an external search partner for the majority of tier one Investment Banks in NYC. He has a bachelors in Psychology from Stony Brook University. 

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Thursday, Nov 12th, 2020
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