TA Certifications: Which Are The Best?

This is part of the new TALK Roundtable series, where you can discuss hot topics with your fellow TALK members. Come prepared with your thoughts and questions for the group, and be ready to share. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind during this open discussion.

Topic: There are a number of options out there for continuing education in Talent Acquisition. TA Certifications can come from HR orginzations like HCI or SHRM, while others are certificate offshoots of 4-year universities like Cornell. It's a confusing landscape with many big questions, and we'll look to adress those.

  • Which programs are worth the time and money you'll need to invest?
  • Which courses actually provide meaningful takeaways for your professional development?
  • Are they focused more on early career development or senior management?
  • Do they improve your marketability as a job seeker in TA?
  • Which ones require continuing education credits to upkeep your status?
  • If TALK were to offer credits towards these certifications, which ones would you like to see?
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Thursday, Jul 7th, 2022
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