Pay Transparency - How are we doing?

This is part of the TALK Roundtable series, where you can discuss hot topics with your fellow TALK members. Come prepared with your thoughts and questions for the group, and be ready to share. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind during this open discussion.

Topic: In 2021, Colorado went out on a limb by requiring businesses to list salary ranges on job ads, receiving quite a bit of backlash in the process. In 2022. New York City followed suit, and as of January 2023 one in four workers around the country was covered by some form of local or state pay transparency legislation. In this roundtable hosted by the Los Angeles TALK Board, we'll explore:

  • How did we prepare for the January 2023 laws?
  • How is it going so far?
  • What are the possible impacts for the organization?
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