Onboarding in 2023

This is part of the TALK Roundtable series, where you can discuss hot topics with your fellow TALK members. Come prepared with your thoughts and questions for the group. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind during this open discussion.

Topic: Onboarding was greatly impacted by the pandemic. Many had to find new ways to handle pre-employment paperwork and I-9 verification. Some struggled with culture building in a remote setting. Now that the dust is settling, and organizations have navigated their way around these new workplace challenges, what have we learned?

Some specific areas of onboarding that we may touch on:

  • Pre-employment - Standard HR paperwork, I-9 verification for remote workers, etc.
  • Pre-boarding - Are we doing anything to maintain engagement during background checks?
  • Orientation - Systems access and training. Workplace familiarity/facility tours,
  • Social considerations - Building comradery for new hires on their teams or with other new hires
  • General onboarding - Sharing corporate missions and values. Expressing company culture to people that may be WFH and not actively able to experience it on a regular basis.
  • Role-specific onboarding - Skills training, shadowing, mentorship, etc.
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Thursday, Apr 13th, 2023
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