How Can TA Add Value During A Hiring Freeze?

This is part of the TALK Roundtable series, where you can discuss hot topics with your fellow TALK members. Come prepared with your thoughts and questions for the group. Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind during this open discussion.

Topic: The past several years have been a rollercoaster ride for Talent Acquisition departments. The pandemic brought hiring freezes, which brought furloughs and layoffs. Then, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the market rebounded and hiring went through the roof. Talent Acquistion was hot, hot, hot! Now, as markets slump and inflation persists, many companies are realizing that the economy was never as strong as we thought. So, as hiring has slowed and freezes loom, how are we providing value from TA to prevent a rehash of 2020?

Join this member-led discussion to hear what your peers in the industry are doing to make their TA departments valuable contributors to the company regardless of hiring trends.

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