Your Guide to Gen Z Recruitment

The countdown is on for a new round of university recruitment. How prepared is your team to welcome new members from the dynamic, determined, and tech-savvy class of 2024? 

Join us for a lively discussion featuring Geneva Scott, Director of CodePath’s Career Center, and Daniel Fu, Lead Campus Recruiter at Bill, on result-driven strategies that align with Gen Z values and evolving needs throughout the recruitment process. We will cover actionable insights and best practices that empower your team to not only attract top Gen Z talent but also cultivate and retain them within your organization.

You will walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of the Gen Z workforce and their unique preferences, aspirations, and expectations regarding employment.
  • Strategies to position your company as a Gen Z-friendly employer, which gives you a distinct competitive advantage for the top-performing, high-potential talent pool.
  • Ideas and best practices to personalize the recruitment process and adapt your recruitment strategies to resonate with Gen Z's independent and digitally native mindset.
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