Attract Entry-Level Talent with Video & Social Media

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In today's competitive job market, connecting with Gen Z candidates requires mastering the art of short-form videos and social media. Join Sean Worden and Katy Schuck, co-founders of Reelist, as they reveal game-changing tactics for using platforms like TikTok and Instagram to attract great entry-level talent.

In this power-packed webinar, we’ll discuss:

🎥 Proven methods for crafting authentic, viral-worthy video content that resonates with Gen Z
💰 Insider tips for optimizing promotion across channels and maximizing your reach
🌐 Strategies for engaging diverse candidate pools and building an inclusive employer brand
📈 Metrics that matter: Measuring the success of your video hiring campaigns
⚡ And much more!

Whether you're struggling to fill your roles or want to future-proof your hiring pipeline, this webinar is your ticket to mastering hiring off social media and gaining a competitive edge. All attendees will receive an exclusive, limited-time offer!

Sean Worden and Katy Schuck are the co-founders of Reelist, a social media platform that enables companies to attract and hire Gen Z and Millennial talent. Sean’s experience includes building platforms and systems that have hired thousands of people on platforms like Instagram. Katy’s experience includes helping companies develop and tell authentic employee stories via short-form video, which drives engagement and millions of views.

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